Weave a Miniature Gardening Basket

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I’ve always loved baskets, and I wanted to get into miniature basket weaving. Only guess what, basket weaving is hard! So here is a simpler method that anyone can do.


  • the thinnest hemp cord you can find. I used 10 lb hemp cord, in a natural hue
  • plain white glue that will dry clear
  • a thick paintbrush handle for shaping the basket. A medium Foam Stencil Brush is perfect for that!
  • Optional X-acto knife for cutting out your template
  • Optional Tweezers to help guide the cord


1) Print out the template for the basket from the link below. I found mine online and have blown it up for you. I printed mine on plain white paper, but you can use cardstock too. Make sure that the paper is close to the same color as the hemp cord unless you plan to paint your basket when done.

2) Cut out the template. I used an Xacto knife to get really precise in the corners.

3) Find an end on your hemp cord and secure it under the template with your finger. Begin to interweave the cord in and out of the tabs. Keep the cord tight, but not so tight that you tear the paper!

4) Keep weaving. As you go, pull the cord gently so that a soft bowl shape appears. If any gaps appear between the cords, push the strings together with your finger.

5) When you get to the desired height of the basket (it doesn’t need to be the top of the tabs), cut the cord. Put a little bit of glue on the end of the cord and then hide it underneath the other cords. A toothpick helped me sneak the cord under there.

6) Trim away the extra paper at the top of the tabs very gently. Don’t trim the cords!

7) To finish the top of your basket, cut a long piece of the 20 lb hemp cord. Run glue around the top of the basket and glue your finishing cord around, carefully gluing the loose ends together.

8) To finish the inside bottom of the basket, you can do an easy coil of cord. Apply glue all over the bottom of the basket. Then take a piece of thin cord and spiral it all the way around the inside of the basket, keeping it tight. A toothpick or tweezers can help you get the cord exactly positioned right – you don’t want any gaps in your spiral! Snip the cord off when you are at the last spiral and tuck it in the middle.

9) Finish the outside bottom of the basket with a coil, the same way you did step 8.

10) Now your basket is probably a little flat. To give it sides, I found a thick paintbrush (I used a Foam Stencil brush) and wrapped the basket around it tightly with a rubber band. I let it sit overnight while all the glue set.

11) When you unwrap your basket shape, you will have your gardening basket, but you just need the handle! Cut a piece of thicker cord for the handle (or you can braid it), and glue to both sides. Clamp it in place with your fingers to let it dry.

You are done! You have a cute little ‘wicker’ style gardening basket.

What will you put in your basket? Produce? Flowers? Will you use yours as a centerpiece in a miniature scene? Let me know in the comments below.
Til’ next time!

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