8 Must-Have Supplies for Your Dollhouse Crafting Kit

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Glues, scissors, blades, paints, oh my! There are a lot of things to consider when you are getting started as a DIY miniaturist. Here is my guide on all the essentials for the new hobby miniaturist.

1. A hobby knife

This one is a must! The uses are infinite: cutting wallpaper, breaking through craft wood, trimming florals, slicing polymer clay, and more!

Get one in a case with multiple types of blades for all your future needs!

2. All-purpose glue

There are a million kinds of glue, but I like to have an all-purpose glue always handy in my toolbox!

Aleene’s Tacky Glue is a fan favorite, and works on wood, paper, nonwashable fabrics, ceramics, metal, and more. I like this upside-down Easy Squeeze bottle because it flows easily and has a small tip – perfect for mini work!

3. Brushes, brushes, brushes!

When you are working on a dollhouse, there is always painting and gluing and finishing to be done! Make sure you have the right brush for the job.

I like to have really small brushes for miniature details, big foam brushes for covering large areas and getting into crevices, and glue brushes for the messy work!

4. Tweezers

Sometimes the miniature details are too small for our fingers! That’s when tweezers come in handy.

Grab a pair with a slight curve so you can use them to arrange mini accessories!

5. Wood glue

I am always making little wood crafts for my dollhouses! While some people use hot glue for their crafts, I’ve never liked it for miniatures – too much risk of burning my fingers…. So I use wood glue instead.

6. Paint palette

I guarantee this will come in handy! You can use it for mixing paints to recover a piece of furniture or to keep track of little beads and finials while you glue them onto your tiny Christmas tree!.

7. Acrylic paints

There is always something to paint around a dollhouse! Use acrylic paints on furniture, walls and floors, dishes, fabrics, clay pots, and more!

There are hundreds of colors available, but always make sure you have white, black, and brown in your toolbox!

8. Varnishes, glazes, and finishes

To finish off your painted projects, make sure you coat and seal them so they stand the test of time!

Creme glosses are good for adding a soft sheen to furniture. Use matte varnish when you don’t want any shine on the finished product. Satin varnish is perfect for a soft shine. Mod Podge is perfect for putting the finishing touch on your paper creations!

What do you think about our list? Are there other must-have items in your mini toolbox? Comment below.
Til’ next time!

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