How to Build your First Polymer Clay Kit

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If you want to get started with miniature polymer clay sculpting, it can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily I’m here to tell you all the supplies you need to make your own minis from polymer clay!

1. Plenty of colors of clay

Even if you have 1 particular project in mind and think you only need 1 color, having lots of colors around will come in handy! Being able to mix colors together for just the right shade will make your project your own.

You can buy individual blocks or get started with a variety pack!

2. Latex gloves

When working with small pieces, you don’t want your fingerprints to show! Grab a pair of latex gloves to make sure all your minis are smudge-free!

3. A knife or small blade

When you roll out the perfect clay cane, you need to be able to cut it to size. A sharp knife or razor blade is the perfect tool to make sure the edges are crisp.

4. Tweezers

Tweezers are perfect for placing details and accents on your mini pieces. Using your fingers is a recipe for smushed clay!

5. Clay roller

Rolling out smooth, thin sheets of clay will definitely come in handy! You can use an acrylic roller or a clay machine that allows you to customize the thickness!

6. Tools for sculpting

Using your fingers to sculpt can be tricky. Buy some tools for shaping and cutting.

7. Clay gun

A clay gun is perfect for extruding clay in miniature shapes. You will find it indispensable when making miniature cakes.

This clay gun has 19 different discs for all the shapes you need – from circles to squares and triangles and cloverleafs!

8. Liquid clay

Liquid clay opens up a whole new realm of possibilities! Use clear liquid clay for glazed windows and enameled pieces. Use white liquid clay for frosting your miniature baked goods! It even comes in other colors such as black, gold, or silver!

9. Chalk pastels

Chalk pastels are the perfect way to add subtle tint and shadowing to your miniatures. Add them to white liquid clay to create colored frosting.

10. Paintbrushes

You will need some paintbrushes for your paints and pastels!

11. Clay glaze

When you finish the perfect mini project, you want to make sure it stays perfect! Apply some glaze to finish it.

What do you think? Are there other polymer clay supplies that you can’t live without? Comment below.
Til’ next time!

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