How to Assemble your Modern Coffee Table Kit

Thanks for purchasing a coffee table kit! I lovingly designed and cut these kits just for your dollhouse. Now let’s assemble it.

I finished my tabletop with black legs and a faux marble finish. How will you finish your mini coffee table?


You will Need:

  • the mini coffee table kit from Minnesota Miniatures Market
  • wood glue (I like Darice’s wood glue)
  • paints or wood stain if you plan on finishing the table (Pro Tip: use touch-up markers to finish your minis! they come in lots of colors and are great for getting into small areas)

Optional but useful:

  • small clamps
  • microfiber cloth for wiping off any extra glue (microfiber cloths are one of my favorite crafting tools to have lying around. Pick some up from AmazonBasics for cheap!)
  • sandpaper
Supplies to assemble the modern coffee table kit


1. If you plan on painting, staining, or finishing the table, do this first. I painted mine with metallic black legs and a ‘marbled’ white top, but there are tons of other ideas! Let me know in the comments how you finished your kit. Make sure to let it dry.

All the modern coffee table kit pieces

2. Flip the tabletop upside down. Take the rectangle piece and put a small line of glue onto one of the long ends. Then glue directly onto the center of the round tabletop backside. Either hold with your fingers or clamp while the glue dries.

The first leg is glued on. I don’t think this would support the table yet…
Fingers make excellent clamps!

3. Now let’s put on the supporting legs. Take one of the ‘C-shaped’ pieces and put glue on the 2 open ends and on 1 of the sides. Then place on the tabletop backside, directly abutting the rectangle support but at a right angle.

The glue is on!
Now the table legs look like a T…

4. Repeat with the other ‘C-shaped’ piece, only directly opposite. It can be useful to clamp these 2 pieces while they dry.

The final tableleg is on!
Using real clamps to REALLY get these pieces glued on tight!

5. And you’re done! If you want to seal the piece, finish it all off with a coat of varnish or lacquer once the legs are glued on!

Let me know in the comments below if you liked these instructions. And I’d love to see your coffee tables in your own dollhouses and miniatures scenes! Post them on Instagram and tag @mnminimarket!
Til next time,

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How do I get my legs centered?

The tabletop is 3″ in diameter. So you will want the legs running through the 1.5″ mark, perpendicular to each other.

If you have a ruler or cutting mat, it’s very easy to find 1.5″ in relation to wherever the circular tabletop is.

I am seeing some burn marks on my table or legs?

Laser-cutting occasionally leaves a little bit of light charring or smoke residue (flashback) on the back of more delicate miniature pieces.

I try to avoid this as much as possible by masking the items to protect them, but occasionally you might see this on your pieces. Flashback can easily be covered up with paint or stain and you can usually sand off the marks with fine to medium grit sandpaper.

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