How to Assemble your Herringbone Coffee Table Kit

Thanks for purchasing a coffee table kit! I lovingly designed and cut these kits just for your dollhouse. Now let’s assemble it.


You will Need:

  • the mini herringbone patterned coffee table kit from Minnesota Miniatures Market
  • wood glue (I like Darice’s wood glue)
  • clamps
  • paints or wood stain if you plan on finishing the table (I used a white gel stain to give mine a ‘whitewashed’ effect)

Optional but useful:

  • microfiber cloth for wiping off any extra glue (microfiber cloths are one of my favorite crafting tools to have lying around. Pick some up from AmazonBasics for cheap!)
  • sandpaper


1. If you plan on painting, staining, or finishing the table, do this first. I painted mine with matte black legs and a whitewashed top. Let me know in the comments how you finished your kit. Make sure to let it dry. Pro tip: if you are finishing the top, use a toothpick to clean excess paint or finish out of the herringbone grooves so the design stays fresh!

2. Flip the tabletop upside down so the herringbone is not visible. Find the legs and dry-fit them. The long edge of the leg should line up exactly with the edges of the tabletop. Put a line of glue on the long end of the leg and then place it exactly on the edge of the tabletop. Hold it with your finger for a moment and then place a small clamp there. Make sure it’s at a 90º angle!

3. Repeat with the second leg.
Let the legs dry before finishing with the crossbar.

4. Take the crossbar piece and dry-fit it into the middle of the legs. It should fit pretty precisely. If the legs were placed too far apart, you may need to squeeze them together with a clamp. If the legs were placed too closely, you may need to sand a bit off the ends of the crossbar piece.

When you are ready, put a liberal amount of glue on both ends of the crossbar and then fit into the middle of the legs. Be sure to line it up exactly in the middle! Use a wide clamp to hold it into place while it dries.

5. And that’s it! If you want to seal the piece, finish it all off with a coat of varnish or lacquer once the legs are dry.

Let me know in the comments below if you liked these instructions. And I’d love to see your coffee tables in your own dollhouses and miniatures scenes! Post them on Instagram and tag @mnminimarket!

Til next time,

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