Tutorial: Replacing your Clock Battery

Tutorial: Replacing your Clock Battery

You Will Need:

  • One of our working clocks
  • A new 1.5V battery
  • A tweezers or pliers
  • Steady hands


In this tutorial, we are using our Unfinished Grandfather Clock as an example.

  1. Remove the front clock piece from the clock. It should come right out.
  2. Remove the rubber seal from the edge
  3. Pry off the top metal cover. You will probably need to use a pliers
  4. With your finger, move the metal arm off the old battery and pull it out.
  5. With the arm still out of the way, replace the new battery.
  6. Your clock should start working again! If it doesn’t, make sure the crown on the side is pushed in
  7. Replace the metal cover and rubber seal.
  8. Pop the clock piece back in, with 12 at the top
  9. You’re done!

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