$1.17 $1.95 (40% off)

Fancy drawer handles, 4

$4.47 $7.45 (40% off)

Brass drawer handle set, 12

$3.45 $5.75 (40% off)

Brass drop handle

$4.47 $7.45 (40% off)

Gold drawer handle set, 12

$3.45 $5.75 (40% off)

Antique fleur drop handle

$2.94 $4.90 (40% off)

Antique drawer handles

Miniature Hardware

Miniature Hardware is the perfect way to put the finishing touch on your dollhouse or mini scene. Spruce up your dollhouse furniture or draw attention to your mini door.

Minnesota Miniatures Market is the best site for your miniature hobby, with hundreds of dollhouse accessories and furniture in 1:12 scale as well as all the building supplies you need for your DIY dollhouse project.